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I’ve always loved the idea of a bucket list and on my previous blog I devoted an entire page to it, keeping it front and centre on my site as motivation and slowly ticking things off. For me it’s a list of goals I can keep adding to as my life unfolds. I did however name mine my ‘Live, Love, Dream’ list and it was a sort of constant source of inspiration. I still keep it on my phone till this day and although Covid has somewhat gotten in the way of ticking things off, I still glance at it every once in a while as I plan and map my future out in my head.

Some things I managed to tick off as early as 4 years old!! (Get a piercing), and some will take me a lifetime to achieve, but that’s what is so wonderful about having a list like this, you can just pluck away at it and over time you end up pushing yourself to do things you never imagined.

My biggest goal that I set out for myself at a very early age was to immigrate to another country. It was always a big driving force for me and after travelling on and off for a few years, I finally set off in 2011 to find somewhere to call home. My plan was to hop from Canada to New Zealand but I instantly fell in love with mountain life in North America and became an official permanent resident in 2013.

I’m so happy that I’ve managed to knock quite a few fun things off my list over the years. . . take a year out, adopt a dog, cave hiking, drinks in an ice bar, release baby turtles into the sea, see a glacier, watch Cirque De Soleil, see a bear in the wild, watch the ball drop in NYC, ride in a helicopter, get a tattoo. . the list goes on.

Although Covid kind of limited a lot this year, the task of ‘Starting a non profit’ was still on my list and I thought of no better time to run at it. 

Honestly, I still can’t believe I’ve done so many wonderful things and on my bad days looking at this list really helps me regain perspective, dreams ARE possible.

My most recent goal was go back to school and find a job in the Mental Health field and well, I’m so proud to say mission accomplished! I’ve been working on a Mental Health & Addictions certificate at my local college and a couple of weeks ago I was offered my dream job.

I will never stop adding to the list and pushing myself to do more things, still to come. . . 

* Bungy Jump

* Learn to play guitar

* Eurorail

* Write a book

* Ride in a hot air balloon

* Go dog sledding

* Give a presentation on Mental Health

* Run the TC 10k

* Ride in a cop car

* Volunteer at an animal sanctuary 

* Plant a tree

* Work at Disney

* Ride a mechanical bull

* Do the West Coast Trail

* See the Northern Lights

* Go on a Polar Bear expedition

* Fly business class

* Be an extra in a TV or movie

Last week I very nearly accomplished the last goal on the list there which is ‘Be an extra in a TV or movie’. Sadly my dreams collided and I had to choose between my dream job in mental health or being an extra, we all know what won. .  NOT coming to your screen any time soon!! haha

Having this list has been a solid motivator for me over the years. During the days, months or years that I’ve felt lost or stuck, just reflecting on this list changes my mood and gives me hope. On the good days I let my wee head run away with me and add oh so many more items for future Nat to tackle.

If you haven’t made one already, I say give it bash, I highly recommend!

Nat x


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